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ABirthday to remember

  I was only with him for the weekend. Both our birthdays were within a week of my visit. This was the right thing. THIS was the reason I had come 316.7 miles to see him. This moment. The moment I took his virginity... I had no regrets save that I could not give mine to him.

An hour before, I had woken up and snuck out of the bed I was sharing with Andrew's sister. I slipped down the stairs and brushed my teeth in the bathroom, changed into shorts and a tshirt (after all, his parents DID think we were going "jogging"). I went into the unfamiliar living room and waited for him to wake and meet me. I thought about Andrew and the fact that I was really there, and this was really happening. I didn't have to wait long, soon I heard someone walking and saw Andrew starting up the stairs to fetch me. I said, "Where ya going babe?" he laughed and came back down the stairs to kiss me.
He was shirtless... And his muscles turned me on as fast as you could snap your fingers! He changed, and I grabbed a jacket and stuck a condom in my bra for Drew to find later. And we walked out the door, realizing fully that the next time he walked through that door he would be a real man.

We walked hand in hand down the lane, headed towards nothing, because Andrew lived in the middle of nowhere. We randomly kissed and it made me impatient. I asked him over and over if he was sure about this and he would answer every time with "I love you, and I want it to be you."
Eventually we arrived at an old barn, stripped long ago of anything and everything, and relatively decent. I kissed Drew. And he picked me up and wrapped me around his waist, kissing me with passion and love I had never experienced before. I ripped my jacket off and lay it on the ground, but Drew told me to stay standing. He kissed me a while longer and wrapped his arms around me, lowering them to my ass and grabbing it with large, strong hands.
He pulled at my short and reached into my bra to feel me up when he discovered the condom. He pulled down his pants and said, "It's time to use this." with a devilish grin on his face. He pulled my shorts to my ankles and slipped the condom on. He kissed me, picked me up by my ass, waited until I wrapped my legs around his waist, and stuffed his big dick in my juicy tight pussy. I had seen it on video chat before but I had never imagined the feeling of having his manlihood inside of me. It was awesome.
Amazing and wonderful and terrific and better than I had ever had before. Trying to work me in the air, though, was not working for Drew. I pulled away from him, pushed him on his back on my jacket, and climbed on top of him with one leg on each side. I sat straight up and before I slid onto him, I said to Drew, "I love you.", and engulfed his entire nine inches in my pussy. The only reply I got was a moan. I assumed it felt much much better now to him and keep up the good work. I put my hands next to his arms and pushed him in and out, in and out of me slowly gaining speed. I rode Andrew like no other man I had ever been with and I was moaning and he was groaning and it was amazing. After a while he told me to lay down, it was his turn. He got on top of me, and before he slid his huge dick in, he ran his finger through my juices and sucked it off. Then he grabbed my legs and plunged himself into me, hard and deep, all at once. That was when my first scream escaped my lips. I was so thankful we were away from anyone who could have heard us. Drew kept pounding me over and over, making me holler and groaning along with me. And suddenly I look in his eyes and knew. This was the best thing to ever happen to me. Andrew looked back and moaned the words "I'm coming!" ,but he didn't pull out. It was okay. I didn't want him out. And I will never ever ever forget the look on his face when he came that day. I still mention it to him from time to time. And everytime I mention it he tells me that next time there will be more foreplay and next time it's going to crazy and kinky and even more amazing. He hasn't let me down yet, so I look forward to our next meeting with all my heart.
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