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Czech Streets 12 (Rychlý Prachy 12) – Pavla and Vendula

Czech Streets 12 (Rychlý Prachy 12) – Pavla and Vendula [English Sub]
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Czech Streets introduction:

No censorship and no fiction, this is the real streets of the Czech! Czech women and girls are in fact able to make money for absolutely anything.
Unlike other websites with similar themes, where everything is recorded and arranged in advance, here you will see a real amateur from street.

Welcome to the Czech Republic, the heart of Europe, where live the most beautiful girls in the world. They are beautiful, but they have deep pockets and a low standard of living and probably this is the reason that local women and girls show off for money unbelievable stunts on the street or in a park, public toilets, in the train, but everywhere, where only is possible to give a little fuck.
Episode 12: So this is my first job. It is really no fun with butterflies in my stomach and not as much money in my pocket as Tomy had. But anyway, there was a need for some adventure so I went directly to the center of Prague. After a few pleasant conversations with amazing girls, I finally persuaded a beautiful Moravian girl to show me her breasts and her pussy haircut in a telephone booth on the street. It was wonderful. It encouraged me to more action and as you know, good things come to those who can wait. In front of one company I came accross two assistants named Vendula, and Pavla, who had just returned from lunch. It was difficult, because Pavla was really tentative, but a quick money can do wonders, so I finally fucked them together. Oh yeah, and imagine that it all happened right in their company. It was hell of a ride. Look at it, because Vendy had a fantastic and very hairy pussy. I just love this.
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